Hi there, I’m a designer working in motion design & illustration, all rooted in a potent nerdage™ of typography.

In the past, I’ve worked —

— at Boana in Berlin, where I learned how to use metaphor in brand identity narratives, the elegance of intuitive functionality in UI, and how to steam oat milk at the espresso machine.

— at Leroy & Rose and Gravillis Inc. in LA, where I mined daily for brilliant visual metaphors, confirming that simple and assured often feels better than loud and popular.

— and at Colourmovie in Hollywood, where my love of motion & typography was first cemented,

and where I learned that if you want your work to speak for itself, it has to come from yourself — so, know who you are.

I’d love to try to make the world a little more enjoyable with you. If you wanna work together, or just talk shop and nerd out, feel free to hit me up.